Valerie Okun Gets Confiscated Medical Marijuana Returned To Her After Two Years


It might have taken two years, but Valerie Ann Okun finally has her marijuana back. 

In 2011, the Southern California woman was stopped at a border control checkpoint in Arizona where police officers confiscated marijuana, hashish and paraphernalia from her car. However, Okun has a valid prescription for medical marijuana in California, and the Arizona Supreme Court reaffirmed a ruling that reunited Okun with the marijuana that was confiscated — not the hash and paraphernalia — under Arizona’s own medical marijuana laws.

“The marijuana was found in Okun's vehicle at a Border Patrol checkpoint near Yuma,"  according to "State drug charges against her were dismissed after she showed she had authorization under California's medical marijuana program. It said that's because Arizona's medical marijuana law allows people with medical marijuana authorizations from other states to legally possess marijuana in Arizona."

During the initial hearing, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department tried to argue that federal law prohibited it from turning over the marijuana, as it is still considered illegal, but the appellate judge noted that the sheriff would be protected from federal prosecution if he were fulfilling a court order, according to LA Weekly.

Sources: MyFoxPhoenix.comLA Weekly


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