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Vaccines Made with Fetal Cells Causing Autism?

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Well, hm. I've never heard this angle before, but it makes total, creepy sense.

An EPA study published February 16 in Environmental Science & Technology (pdf of study here) found that a marked increase in the incidence of autism began in 1988. See its table above; click to enlarge.

The study found, "Although the debate about the nature of increasing autism continues, the potential for this increase to be real and involve exogenous environmental stressors exists."

According to the April newsletter of the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, this is the year the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices added a 2nd dose of the MMR vaccine to its recommendations.

SCPI found 3 "change points" in autism trends - 1981, 1988, and 1995. And here is what correlated to those years (click to enlarge):

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I've always read it was mercury in vaccines that was implicated in autism, although many studies state this isn't true. According to the SCPI newsletter:

Interestingly,the vaccines that can be associated with the autism trend change points never contained mercurcy, and some animal produced vaccines used universally in the US before 1979 contained levels of mercury as high, if not higher, than current levels.

In light of the EPA's findings, American Life League today joined SCPI in calling for a Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the same sort of ideological culprits we see covering up the abortion-breast cancer link are also involved here. This would be a huge, huge blow to embryonic stem cell experimentation, for instance. That, and/or big pharma sees huge class action lawsuits on the horizon if this is proven.

Right to Life of MIchigan has posted 2 easy to read charts listing vaccines made with aborted fetal stem cell lines and their moral and potentially safer alternatives.

That virus-laden DNA of aborted babies could be wreaking havoc on the DNA of healthy children is completely plausible.


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