Utah Town Fails To Remember To Hold New Municipal Election


A small town in Utah did not hold an election on Nov. 5 because the city employee in charge of municipal elections forgot to advertise or organize it.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, in the Wasatch County town of Wallsburg, with a population of nearly 275 people, the new recorder overlooked the opening of the filing period or arrange to hold an election.

Town officials caught their mistake just before Election Day, but it was already too late to come up with a list of candidates and hold the balloting, the newspaper reported.

Residents now have to wait until 2015 to elect new council members and a mayor. Wasatch County Clerk Brent Titcomb tells The Tribune that the town must assign people to the town government.

"Wallsburg never advertised or prepared for an election this year, so no one signed up," he told the newspaper. "They're going to have to appoint the current mayor and council for two more years and they'll advertise and have people elected [in 2015]."

Titcomb says Mayor Jay Hortin and the four city council members did not have a hidden agenda in skipping the election, but they just simply forgot, according to The Associated Press.

Wallsburg is so tiny that it does not have paid staff or a working website. No phone calls were returned when AP reached out on Wednesday to the town’s office, which is only used for meetings.

This is not the first time Wallsburg failed to remember to hold an election.

Director of the state elections office, Mark Thomas, told The Tribune that Wallsburg didn’t set an election date back in 2011 either. Members had to be appointed to the council then, as well. The appointed seats should have been up for election earlier this month.


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