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US Troops Under Regular Attack From ISIS

U.S. troops are under attack. Although none of the 320 soldiers positioned at the Al Asad air base has been injured, reports are emerging that the soldiers are in danger.

CNN writes that Islamic State group forces have been regularly firing mortars and rockets at the base, impacting the perimeter.

Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren insisted that the attacks have been “wholly ineffective” and have not damaged any U.S. personnel or equipment.

The base is 25 square miles and was the second largest U.S. base during the Iraq War, according to Time.

Most of the soldiers at the base are Marines and have been there since Dec. 20 as part of the “advise and assist” effort.

The role of military personnel has not changed from training Iraqi forces to fight their own war. The current strategy is to take back the city of Mosul through air support and intelligence gathering.

Iran has also taken the fight to the Islamic State, using warplanes to launch airstrikes on Islamic State forces positioned in Eastern Iraq.

Sources: CNNTime / Photo Credit: Flickr


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