U.S. Stocks Are Dropping, But 'Fox & Friends' Believes Obama Is ‘Benefiting’ From Shutdown (Video)


U.S. stocks opened lower Wednesday as debt ceiling fears hit the market. However, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” say President Barack Obama is not interested in ending the shutdown because “he’s benefitting from this.”

Five minutes into trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 85.124 points, Raw Story reported. Fox New was reporting midday Tuesday that stock was up, positing that with the government gone the economy would flourish.

“The reality is that a government shutdown — partial or otherwise — is not good for an economy already struggling to achieve escape velocity no matter how long it lasts,” said Patrick O’Hare of Briefing.com. “Complicating matters further is that the need to raise the debt ceiling hangs in the balance.”

On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, host Brian Kilmeade said he would expect the American people to rally behind the GOP during this impasse because at least Republicans want to negotiate.

“The president seeing an opportunity to get his second term off the mat and standing up after disastrous series of overseas diplomatic pitfalls,” Kilmeade said. “Now, all of a sudden, finds himself back on the campaign trail with a common enemy, a familiar enemy, anybody with an ‘R.’”

“You have the president here who’s not getting involved,” said Hasselbeck. “and we’re asking him to step up. I mean, isn’t he the boss?”

“The Democrats and Harry Reid has [sic] become Dr. No, essentially,” said cohost Steve Doocy.

“But the polls indicate that the president has no urgency to benefit from the Republicans,” Kilmeade said. “He’s benefitting from this, and the American people, for the most part, are blaming Republicans.”

Kilmeade said there’s no reason for Democrats or Obama to make concessions to the GOP because they’re feeling no political pressure.

Doocy also blamed Obama for the fact that the 113th Congress is the least productive in American history.

According to Doocy, said when Obama ran for office in 2008 he said, “I’m going to Washington. I’m going to change things. I’m going to get things done.”

“Fast forward to today,” he said, “What’s going on in Washington is awful.”

Sources: Mediaite, Raw Story, CNN Money


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