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US State Department Releases List of Gifts Given to President Obama in 2011

Despite an economic recession that dominated much of his 2011 year in office, President Barack Obama still managed to haul in an impressive list of gifts both big and small from foreign governments and dignitaries.

Golf equipment, signed memorabilia, and even a ping pong table were among the treasures Obama received during the 2011 year, according to a list released by the US State Department.

Among some of the more noteworthy items include:

-A Hermes golf accessory bag valued at $7,750 and Baccarat crystal statuettes depicting golfers at play, which were given to Obama by Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Overall, the Sarkozy’s gave Obama $41,675.71 in gifts during the 2011 year alone.

-A golf putter and training console given to Obama by German chancellor Angela Merkel

-A rug from British Prime Minister David Cameron valued at $1,400. Cameron also gave the Obama family two “silver Links Sweetie Bracelets” – one with an “M” charm and one with a “S” – letters referring to Malia and Sasha, Obama’s two daughters. Cameron also gave Obama a ping pong table during a visit to Washington – insisting that the “truly British” product was an appropriate gift ahead of the 2012 Olympics.

-A basketball signed by members of the Toronto Raptors basketball team was given to Obama was a gift from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

-A 48-inch bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln by artist Yuan Xikun was given to Obama by former Chinese president Hu Jintao. The statue is valued at approximately $9,800.

-A red, white, and blue specially-designed Australian rules shirt with “USA Revolution” on the front was given to Obama by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

All federal employees in the United States must declare gifts from foreign governments or organizations with gifts to the president or the first family turned over to the National Archives.

Sources: The Telegraph


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