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U.S. Soldiers Confess to Cheating, Being Cheated On with Whisper App

Americans are often lectured to "support the troops," but a recent report reveals that many of the troops aren't supporting each other when it comes to faithfulness.

According to Daily Dot, U.S. service members are confessing unfaithfulness and complaining about their significant other cheating on them via Whisper, a confessional app.

Whisper allows users to confess their darkest secrets under the cover of anonymity, and also allows users to interact with a replies section and direct-messaging, which often leads to sexual affairs.

Daily Dot notes that the military section on Whisper is filled with confessions of military cheating, which gets more responses than suicide postings.

The cheating posts come from loved ones at home and their dear mates abroad. Usually women get attacked on the app for cheating even though 70 percent of Whisper's users are female.

“I felt like I needed to get it off my chest to someone that I wasn’t the reason we broke up and that I was a good girlfriend even [through] a deployment,” one woman told Daily Dot.

“[There were] some military guys saying that it’s harder than you think being deployed which pissed me off because I was here and I didn’t cheat," added the woman. "So why does he get to cheat because he’s away?”

According to, cheating is a common and big topic in the service. A recent article was entitled, "5 Ways You Help Him Cheat."

Alison Perkins, of the military spouse website, told The Huffington Post, "People sometimes assume that lots of military wives cheat when their husbands deploy. I don't doubt that it happens. But in my experience, it isn’t as common as military husbands having an affair with a female soldier while overseas."

"I know many couples that divorced as a result of a relationship that began in the war zone," added Perkins. "It is a huge, unaddressed issue that can cause significant stress for military spouses."

Sources: The Huffington Post,, Daily Dot


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