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US Run By Nazi Space Aliens, Iranian Newspaper Claims

The United States has secretly been run by German Nazi space aliens since 1945, according to Iranian news agency Fars News.

According to the paper, information about the secret government was provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden and the documents he released. Snowden allegedly released this information to Russia, which took it as “incontrovertible proof” of the secret government’s existence.

After receiving the information, Russia’s Federal Security Service allegedly compiled the documents into a report, which conspiracy theory website claimed to have released.

The website also claimed that aliens visited earth well before 1945, and that they have been inhabiting the planet "for thousands of years".

After losing World War II, the newspaper reports, aliens chose to be the force behind the U.S. government and use President Barack Obama as their tool.

The aliens are also apparently based in a stronghold in Nevada, where they settled after President Dwight Eisenhower ensured their takeover at a secret meeting in 1954.

In the past, Fars News has also reported on the British royal family being Jewish and Israel’s plan to conquer Iraq.

Sources: UPI, The Jerusalem Post


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