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U.S. Rep. Steve King Responds To Mark Zuckerberg PAC's Immigration Ads

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, created the political action committee last year along with a host of prominent members of the tech community. 

The PAC has made immigration reform a priority since its launch, and it has been aggressive in its campaign thus far. The PAC ran ads in Iowa earlier this month attacking U.S. Representative Steve King for his harsh stance on immigration. 

King has since responded to the ads by directly criticizing Zuckerberg in a fundraising email sent to supporters.

“We are under attack by liberal billionaire Mark Zuckerberg -- and he chose to begin his attacks on Good Friday of all days! The founder of Facebook is determined to eliminate anyone who disagrees with his plan for amnesty for illegal immigrants -- and he’s starting with me. Let’s tell Zuckerberg it’s time to go back to San Francisco with his pal Nancy Pelosi -- a place where radical liberalism runs wild. We need to tell him we will not yield to a progressive amnesty agenda,” the e-mail reads, according to the Huffington Post.

Aside from the back-and-forth arguments between King and Zuckerberg, is likely to have unforeseeable yet significant consequences on both the tech and political world. The involvement of wealthy, powerful tech companies in politics raises several ethical questions for all those involved, as Anil Dash notes in this informative article.


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