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US Offers Aid to El Salvador, Pressures Them to Buy Monsanto GMOs

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The United States government is currently holding $277 million in aid over the heads of the leaders of El Salvador. The money, which was promised to the head of state of El Salvador, may not actually be given to the country after all.

Reports from El Salvador are painting a rather clear picture of the situation. It seems that the United States government is pressuring the leaders of El Salvador to purchase enormous quantities of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds (GMO’s). 

The newly written Millennium Challenge Compact, which would grant the $277 million in aid to El Salvador, includes a stipulation that El Salvador begin to use GMO’s. This is a highly controversial requirement, and many environmentalists are up in arms over the stipulation.

Congress created the Millennial Challenge Corporation in 2004 for the purpose of distributing foreign aid to countries on rather specific conditions. It appears the latest set of conditions is not going over smoothly. The El Salvadorian government has stalled signing the bill, as the idea of welcoming Monsanto into their country is not ideal to them.

Not only would the MCC require El Salvador to purchase Monsanto seeds, but it would also require the country to make their Public-Private Partnership (PPP) laws more lax.  As of right now, El Salvador is refusing to make changes to these laws.

Even Mari Carmen Aponte, the US ambassador to El Salvador, has been attempting to persuade members of the El Salvadorian government to purchase GMO’s. “I would like to tell the U.S. Ambassador to stop pressuring the Government (of El Salvador) to buy ‘improved’ GM seeds,” said Ricardo Navarro, President of the El Salvadorian Center for Appropriate Technologies, according to Sustainable Pulse.

As of this moment, El Salvador is neither accepting nor rejecting the deal proposed by the MCC. As the situation develops, updates will be posted.


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