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U.S., Mexico And Canada Establish Climate Change Partnership

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On Monday, North American energy ministers reached a deal to bring the United States, Canada and Mexico together to combat climate change.

Canadian minister of natural resources Greg Rickford, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Mexican energy secretary Pedro Joaquin-Coldwell came to the agreement during Monday’s meeting, Reuters reports. According to Rickford, the partnership “does not include binding targets, but will enhance cooperation and integrate more climate change-related policies into energy discussions between the countries.”

Some of the issues that will be addressed within the new partnership include energy efficiency, pursuit of clean energy technologies, and oil and gas emission regulations. 

“By co-operating with our North American partners, we are enhancing energy security and the environment while strengthening jobs and the economy,” Rickford said in a statement. 

The partnership comes as the Canadian government and the Obama administration continue to clash over the Keystone XL pipeline. Rickford, however, stated that he believes his country could align itself with the U.S.’s regulations on methane emissions from oil and gas. 

“I believe we've had some very serious discussions around the potential this (focus on methane) holds for oil and gas regs in general,” he told Reuters on a conference call.

Sources: Reuters, The Daily Courier

Photo Credit: Flickr


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