U.S. Marines Pose under Nazi SS Banner

The Marine Corps is back in the hot seat just weeks after receiving extreme public scrutiny for young solidiers urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters.

Outrage swept across Washington when a picture surfaced of United States Marines in Afghanistan posing beneath the dual lightning banner of the Nazi SS.

The photograph, supposedly taken in 2010, shows members of the 1st Reconnaissaince Battalion stationed at a base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

The image in question shows 10 soldiers, heavily armed, kneeling before the American Flag as well as a second banner displaying the inflammatory symbol -- that Americans fought against.

The Nazi SS were Adolf Hitler's secret police during World War II. They were the soldiers explicitly charged with exterminating millions of European Jews.

The Pentagon did not comment on whether or not the Marines displayed in the picture had been reprimanded, saying only that officials were aware of the photograph's existence and that the unit in Helmand Province had been instructed to discontinue use of the SS symbol.


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