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US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi Freed From Mexican Jail

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was ordered released by a Mexican judge on Friday. The U.S. Marine reservist had been locked up on controversial gun charges since early 2014.

Tahmooressi, 26, was arrested on March 31 of this year when he crossed into Mexico and authorities discovered that he had three guns in his truck.

Since the very beginning, Tahmooressi has consistently maintained that he ended up in Mexico by accident.

Unfortunately, Tahmooressi’s excuses didn’t matter much to Mexican authorities. They insisted that his gun possession was a federal crime and that he deserved to be prosecuted.

"In Mexico, like in the United States, ignorance of the law, error, misperceptions or misunderstandings about the consequences of violating a law, are not exemptions from responsibility," officials said at the time.

Thus, despite a growing call for his freedom from U.S. citizens and a number of politicians, Tahmooressi’s status remained in flux.

That all changed today when the Sixth District Court of Criminal Proceedings in the Federal State of Baja California in Tijuana dismissed Tahmooressi’s charges and released him.

In a statement, Tahmooressi’s attorney noted that his client maintains his innocence and did not admit wrondoing at any point throughout this process. 

Tahmooressi served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and is a California native.

Sources: ABC, Huffington Post, LA Times

Photo Credit: ABC


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