US is Making it More Likely Iran Will Pursue Nuclear Weapons


Bruce Bueno de Mesquite uses mathematical analysis and game theory
to predict war, political events, power shifts, etc.? His work is
controversial - but shockingly accurate.? In the video below, he speaks
at TED making three predictions on the future of Iran.?? Take a look.

His most interesting point in his talk was that international players - such as the United States - are making it MORE likely that Iran will pursue nuclear weapons.

CODEPINK has already witnessed this in practice.? During CODEPINK’S
citizen diplomacy trip to Iran last November, several of our delegates
were surprised to discover that Iran was pursuing renewable energy
sources - specifically wind.? As environmental blogger Karl Burkart
points out, wind energy would not only provide cleaner energy to Iran.?
It would also help relieve pressure for Iran to pursue their nuclear
program, while freeing up their precious oil reserves for export.

The Sabo Niroo Wind Company, based in Tehran, manufactures medium and large wind turbines. But due to US and EU sanctions,
its Danish supplier Vestas, which produces parts for the turbines,
stopped sending supplies to Iran, halting production.? Without
alternatives, how can we expect Iran to end its nuclear program?

Studies have shown that sanctions harm civilians
and only garner positive foreign policy results only 13 percent of the
time.? We need to create a new policy toward Iran.? The United States
should lift the sanctions on Iran and we need to call upon Obama to
live up to his campaign promise to hold direct, unconditional talks with Iran as soon as possible.

Should Iran Be Allowed Nuclear Power? See the Opposing Views debate.


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