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Is U.S. Fighting Terrorism or Drug War in Afghanistan?

U.S. Marines in Afghanistan have intercepted a car that was being used in drug trafficking, seizing some $10 million worth of opium before destroying the vehicle. This begs the question -- is the U.S. fighting a war on terrorism over there, or a drug war?

The British newspaper the Daily Mail reports that British troops were instrumental in the operation that netted five tons of drugs.

90% of the world's opium comes from Afghanistan, and it is the world leader in exporting heroin. The Taliban gets 60% of its funding through the drug trade, ABC News reports, so it would appear that trying to stop drug trafficking goes hand-in-hand with the war on terror.

However by targeting the people who grow opium and those trying to sell it, are U.S. troops being diverted from the more immediate threat -- the people plotting to kill Americans there and abroad?

What do you think?


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