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U.S. Conservatives Praise Russian President Putin, Former KGB Agent (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been praised the last few weeks by Republicans and conservatives, who demonized him just a couple of months ago for allowing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to have asylum in his country.

The change of heart appears to be because Putin opposes President Obama's proposed military action against Syria, which is armed by Russia.

Putin, a former KGB agent, has also been praised by Christian conservatives for his anti-gay laws, which forbid any public speech supporting gay rights.

On August 31, hours before President Obama announced his proposed actions against Syria for gassing its own citizens, right-winger Matt Drudge, who owns, tweeted: "Putin is the leader of the free world."

According to, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh agreed with Russia's 100-page report blaming the Syrian rebels for chemical weapons attacks, not the Syrian government.

"Now, I don't know about you, but what does it feel like to have to agree with a former KGB agent?" said Limbaugh.

Military analyst Ralph Peters embraced Putin yesterday on Fox News (video below): "The world is on Vladimir Putin's side about Syria. He's a thug, but he's defending the Christians and the other minorities in Syria."

"I don't like Putin, but I respect that guy. He is tough. He delivers what he says he'll deliver. He knows his people. He presents himself as a real He-Man.... but he lives up to it! Our president talks tough, but in the clinch he's gutless," declared Peters.

Ironically, Peters called for killing journalists who did not side with the U.S. in 2009, which apparently doesn't apply to himself in 2013:

Although it seems unthinkable now, future wars may require censorship, news blackouts and, ultimately, military attacks on the partisan media. Perceiving themselves as superior beings, journalists have positioned themselves as protected-species combatants. But freedom of the press stops when its abuse kills our soldiers and strengthens our enemies.

Source:, Twitter, The Huffington Post


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