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U.S.-Born Latino Kids Give The Finger, Curse At Donald Trump (Video)

In a newly released video (below), Latino children, who were born in the U.S., drop the F-bomb and give the finger to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The video was produced by, a political action committee that claims on its website to be "fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election," and adds, "We do support a massive deportation effort — but of racism, not people."

The video begins with a greeting to Donald Trump, a boy complaining about Republicans using "offensive words," and, moments later, offering his own, "F--- you, racist f---," while giving the middle finger.

A young girl slams Trump for using the word "anchor baby" with "racist d---."

A younger boy gives the finger while holding a sign that reads, "Deport This."

The older boy cites the U.S. Constitution that makes them citizens, while calling Trump a "motherf-----" for trying to deport an older family member.

Later, he says, "If you don't like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the f--- out of my country."

Conservatives have criticized the video, but Luke Montgomery, who directed the piece, told Fox News Latino: "The adorable and articulate kids in the video are using bad word for a good cause."

"What's more offensive?" Montgomery questioned. "A four-letter word, or a Republican presidential front-runner who is calling Mexican immigrants 'rapists' and 'drug dealers' and referring to American-born U.S. citizen kids as 'anchor babies' and talking of changing the Constitution to strip them of their legal rights as Americans?"

LatinoRebels writes in its blog, "We don’t know how we really feel but yes, these kids have to be actors, because no Latino parent would have their real kids dropping f-bombs to the Internet."

WARNING: Contains strong language and gestures.

Sources:, Fox News LatinoLatinoRebels / Photo credit: Screenshot


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