U.S. Targets ISIS's Money In Recent Airstrike


The Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS, lost tens of millions of dollars when the U.S. reportedly bombed one of its banks in Mosul, Iraq.

The military was unable to confirm or deny to NBC that the airstrike, which was carried out on the morning of Jan. 10, resulted in civilian casualties. However, one official suggested up to seven people died. 

“The bulk cash distribution site was used by [ISIS] to distribute money to fund terrorist activities,” Lt. Commander Ben Tisdale, a U.S. spokesman, said in a statement to Reuters. The money in the bank specifically went towards paying ISIS recruits and funding its other operations.

An anonymous source told AFP that the coalition responsible for the bombing used two bombs weighing nearly 2,000 pounds to destroy the bank, according to Reuters.

“We estimate in the millions of dollars ... from all their illicit stuff: oil, looting, extortion,” Tisdale added.

It has yet to be clarified which type of currency was destroyed, but officials said they plan to strike more financial targets, CNN notes. It’s uncommon for the U.S. to strike financial centers such as banks, but in this case it could cripple ISIS’s capacity to function as a governing body.

Sources: NBC, Reuters via RT, CNN / Photo Credit: Mike Poresky/Flickr, Keith Cooper/Flickr

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