U.S. and Britain Urge Israel Not to Bomb Iran


On Sunday, U.S. and Britain urged Israel not to attack Iran. Both the U.S. joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, and British Foreign Minister William Hague said an Israeli attack on Iran would have serious consequences for the entire Middle East.

Gen. Dempsey said an Israeli attack is "not prudent," while Hague said it would not be "a wise thing."

Both Israel and the West believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear capabilities, a charge that Iran denies.

Instead of an attack, the U.S. and the European Union have imposed new sanctions targeting Iran's oil business.

However, on Sunday, Iran's Oil Ministry said it has stopped oil shipments to Britain and France in an apparent pre-emptive blow against the European Union, which ends oil shipments to 27 EU nations and Britain; about 18 percent of Iran's oil exports.

White House National Security Adviser Tom Donilon was set to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Sunday and with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday in Israel.


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