Abortions in U.S. Up for First Time Since 1990


The other side admits abortion is wrong simply by its aversion to it. Do we say, “We regret to inform you more and more women are voting”? Or, “We have a dream, that black civil rights will be safe and legal but rare”? No, those freedoms are celebrated.

Likewise, those insisting abortion is a constitutional right should cheer when it proliferates, right? But you wouldn’t know by MSM’s headlines that the US abortion rate, after almost 20 years of decline, is on the rise….

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Here are the numbers, quoting the The Wall Street Journal

After dropping for more than a decade, the US abortion rate has begun to rise slightly, according to an extensive new survey of providers by the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute.

The increase was just 1%, to 19.6 abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age in 2008, from 19.4 in 2005, the last year captured by the group’s previous survey.

The actual number of abortions performed also rose slightly in that period, to 1,212,350 from 1,206,200 – the 1st increase since a steady march downward that began in 1990, the peak year for total abortions in the US since the survey began tracking them in 1973.

Both sides blamed the economy. Their side also insisted that there are not yet enough condoms on every corner or Pill pack in every purse. Increased access to RU486 most certainly also played a part. According toCNN:

Of the 1.21 million abortions performed in 2008, 17%  were early medication abortions. Jones found a 24% increase in the number of these procedures being conducted at nonhospital facilities…. Indeed, the number of providers offering this service also increased.

“Heavy promotion of RU-486 and chemical abortions has really had an impact,” said Randall O’Bannon, Ph.D., director of Education and Research with the National Right to Life Committee. “[Women] would consider abortion when they might not consider it before, and they would take this pill.”

The number of abortion clinics overall continued to decline – slightly – although big box mills are way up. (Pictured right is Planned Parenthood’s new Houston mill, at 78,000 sq the largest abortion mill in the Western Hemisphere.) Again quoting WSJ

The number of abortion providers remained virtually identical, at 1,793 in 2008 compared with 1,787 in 2005 – the first survey since 1982 that showed no decline. The flat result partly reflected a fuller count of certain facilities in CA that weren’t captured in the 2005 total.

Without them, there would have been a 3% drop-off.…

[T]he data showed the growing role of large abortion providers, with the number providing 5,000 or more procedures per year up by more than 50% since the last survey….

USA Today
has a helpful graph showing the rate of abortion from state to state. Wyoming earns pro-life praise for having only 0.9 abortions per every 1,000 women, followed by Mississippi (4.6), Kentucky (5.1), and South Dakota (5.6).

The pro-abort industry is certainly celebrating the bicoastal abortion extravanza, led by Delaware (40), New York (37.6), New Jersey (31.3), District of Columbia (29.9), Maryland (29), California (27.6), and Florida (27.2).


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