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UPenn Professor: Republicans Fear Abortion Will End ‘White Privilege’

An associate English professor at the University of Pennsylvania said Republicans oppose abortion because they fear losing the white majority in America. During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Salamishah Tillet said that Republicans did not like abortion because they want white people to have more babies, The Daily Caller reported.

“Women’s bodies — white women’s bodies in particular — are a crucial way of reproducing whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege,” she said.

Kirsten Powers of Fox News poked a hole in Tillet’s argument by pointing out that black women have more abortions than white women.

“If you were a white supremacist, you would actually support abortion,” Powers said.

Powers feels that if you are pro-life you are unfairly labeled as being racist.

"Why can't they just accept there are actually some people who think you shouldn't be aborting a baby after 22 weeks?" Powers said.

House Republicans were successful in a vote to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  

The editors of The College Fix are warning Republicans that Tillet’s views should cause them some concern.  

“Tillet is shaping the hearts and minds of students through the classes she teaches,” wrote The College Fix. “Young, impressionable minds hear Tillet’s point of view on race and gender all semester long, and it’s not a stretch to assume the opinions she proffered on national television are similar to the ones she gives inside her Africana and women’s studies classes. And then we wonder why the GOP is seen as bad guys by college-aged voters?”

Sources: The Daily Caller, Newsmax


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