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Unusual Products For Sale In Sen. Rand Paul’s Online Store

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) announced today that he is running for president in 2016.

Sen. Paul, a Tea Party favorite, used a classic Tea Party line, "We have come to take our country back," during his announcement, noted the Daily Mail.

Speaking to a crowd in Louisville, Kentucky, Sen. Paul also lashed out at "special interests that use Washington D.C. as their personal piggy bank."

Speaking of money, Sen. Paul is offering some unusual items on his website, reports The Washington Post.

His Rand Paul Flip Flops bear the senator's unofficial slogan, "I Stand With Rand." And you can too, literally, for only $20.

You can get a set of 12 Rand On A Stick freedom paddles, which feature Sen. Paul's face. The website says the sticks can be waved in "rallies, parades, meetings, operas [and] church services that lack air conditioning..."

Sen. Paul is also offering a Don't Drone Me Bro Shirt, a Giant Rand Paul Birthday Card and a NSA Spy Cam Blocker, which can be placed over the tiny camera on your laptop to stop the NSA from spying (or you can place a piece of tape over it for free).

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Image: Rand On A Stick Product Image


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