UN Study Says Humans are Responsible for Global Warming Trends


In 2007, the United Nations sponsored a study into global warming and the report said it was “very likely” that humans contributed to climate change. However a new report that will be released on Monday September 30, but was already given to the media, is able to confirm that they are certain that global warming has been caused by humankind. However, the most controversial part of the report is not this assertion, but the fact that they have dismissed a 15-year trend that has showed the rate of warming slowing down. Those who remain skeptical about the climate cite this “hiatus” as proof that things are not as bad as the majority of climatologists have been saying.

The study was conducted by the International Panel on Climate Change, sponsored by the U.N. In their brief mention of the hiatus phenomenon they stressed that short-term variability does not negate long-term trends.

Of course when referring to planetary climate, a period of 15 years is akin to an eye-blink. In fact, the scientists in the study have said that they are able to discount the hiatus in warming because “an old rule says that climate-relevant trends should not be calculated for periods less than around 30 years.” In fact, were are still technically in the Ice Age that began 2.6 million years ago, because the ice sheets in the polar regions still exist, even though they have been melting at an alarming rate.

Still, Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, says, “Unless global temperature will begin to rise again in the next few years, the IPCC is very likely going to suffer an existential blow to its credibility.” Other global warming skeptics cited the overestimation of warming predictions as another sign that the IPCC findings are false. 


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