Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab More than an 'Isolated Extremist'

WASHINGTON --- Commenting on the failed Christmas attack of Flight 253,
President Obama called the incident an act of “terrorism” and the would-be
bomber an “isolated extremist.”

Since his remarks, al-Qaeda has claimed
responsibility for the attempted attack, showing the disconnect between the
administration’s characterization of our enemy and the reality of the

“America's security depends on identifying precisely the enemy that
threatens our lives--and then crushing it, rendering it a non-threat,” writes Elan
Journo, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Center. “The enemy Washington evasively calls
‘terrorism’ is actually an ideologically inspired political movement: Islamic
totalitarianism. It seeks to subjugate the West under a totalitarian Islamic
regime by means of terrorism, negotiation, war--anything that will win its

“To defend American lives properly, we should target not terrorism, a
tactic, but militant Islam, the ideology that motivates the terrorists.”

To learn more about our government’s failures since 9/11 and a proper course
of action for the United States, read Winning the
Unwinnable War
, a new book by Mr. Journo.


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