Ukranian President Leonid Kravchuk Warns of World War III


World War 3 is nigh if Vladimir Putin continues to pressure Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s first president Leonid Kravchuk.

“Russia violated the Bidapest Memorandum,” Kravchuk wrote in an editorial. “Ukraine has every reason to go to international arbitration.”

Despite being 80 years old, Kravchuck vowed that he would take up a gun and defend his country if it came to war.

Kravchuk also criticized Russia’s elite government, which he claimed ruled in its own interests and not the people’s. He asked the Russian people to consider the bond between Russia and Ukraine, rather than protecting power.

“I call on the Russian authorities to stop,” Kravchuk continued. “Does Russia not understand that this is the beginning of World War 3?”

Sources: Inquisitir, IBM Times


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