Ukrainian Astronomers Name Star ‘Putin Is A Dickhead’


A group of astronomers in the Ukraine have named a star “Putin-Huilo!” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The star, KIC 9696936, was adopted through the Pale Blue Dot Project, which supports scientific research at the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium. The program allows anyone to adopt a target star for $10.

The world huilo, sometimes written “khuilo,” translates loosely to a combination of “dickhead,” “f***er” and “a**hole.” So the name is either “Putin is a dickhead” or “Putin is a dipshit,” according to The Wire.

In June, the Acting Foreign Minister of the Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia told a crowd of protestors outside the Russian embassy that he thinks “Putting is a dickhead.”

Hundreds of demonstrators chanted the phrase back to him over and over again.

The Kremlin demanded that he resign over the comment.

"I can't really imagine how anyone, especially a Russian representative, can sit down at the negotiating table with him after such an outburst," Russian Foreign policy official Leonid Kalashnikov told a Russian radio station.

Deshchytsia did not resign.

Last month the Urban Dictionary officially defined the word khuilo as “the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.” The slang is now synonymous with “terrible dictator.”

Sources: The Wire, Gawker


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