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Ukraine, Russia Agree To Cease-Fire Deal

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Leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France announced on Feb. 12 a renewed cease-fire agreement and an invitation to end the war in Ukraine after numerous talks and negotiations came down to the wire.

The cease fire will begin on Feb.14 at midnight, but some crucial questions remain unanswered.  For example, any talk of a truce was left off the table and problems that plagued the war-torn area since the first cease-fire agreement in September will still be able to continue on.

According to The New York Times, the talks took “more than 16 hours of intensive negotiations” and “the leaders announced the accord in three separate news conferences,” which may or may not be a sign of indifference within the group.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande appeared together at a news conference after the dealings were finished.  While Merkel said, “a great deal of work still needs to be done,” both parties expressed optimism over the conflict saying, “What we have on the table today gives us great hope.”

The cease fire does not resolve an ongoing battle zone at Debaltseve, a busy transportation hub that is between two cities in Ukraine.

The relationship between Russia and Ukraine has been a tumultuous one recently.  At the end of January, Ukraine asked the United Nations to label Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism after pro-Russian insurgents killed many Ukrainian soldiers defending their homeland.

Sources: The New York Times, NPR, Fox News Photo Credit: Maria Joner via Wikimedia Commons


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