US: Wikileaks Release May Threaten Lives, National Security


With the website WikiLeaks set to release a new trove of sensitive information, the U.S. government is already bracing for the worldwide fallout, preemptively warning allies in the hope of lessening the blow after classified documents go public.

Interesting to see the slew of comments comdemning Assange for acting as the vehicle for the release of the information that has, at this point in time, caused the US to stop threatening and begin begging Assange to not release the information.

Rape charges, criminal procedures, nothing attempted has managed to bring Assange to his knees, and it looks like the powers that be have resorted to pleading to Wikipedia as if they were saying "...think of the children...". I wonder how many think that the US government has done enough damage, and how many think that Assange is the worse kind of enemy the US can now have. Is there any way to make this a positive? And can a clean break mean just that for the US foreign policy of yesteryear?

The questions arising out of this episode in US history are certain to be talked about for years to come.


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