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Welcome to the Jungle: U.S. Forces Fight Taliban with Heavy Metal Music

U.S. Special Forces have reportedly developed a new complex weapon in the war on terror: heavy metal music. The Telegraph reports that forces in Afghanistan are blasting the music from armored vehicles in order to send insurgents running for cover. The music is wired to be heard from up to one mile away.

"Taliban hate that music," said one sergeant involved in covert psychological operations. "Some locals complain but it's a way to push them to choose. It's motivating Marines as well."

The anti-Taliban playlist includes music from popular bands like Metallica, The Offspring and Thin Lizzy. But does the tactic work? It's hard to say, but the music does seem to bother local children, and some fear that the heavy metal noise pollution may do more to harm than help the war effort.

"It's inappropriate," said Lieutenant Colonel Brian Christmas after first hearing of the practice. "I'm going to ask this to stop right now."

The U.S. has been involved in its current Afghanistan offensive for nearly a decade and hopes to begin sending troops home in 2011.


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