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U.S. Military Notorious for Not Counting Civilian Deaths

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Since the invasion of Iraq, the United
States military has been notoriously known for not counting the number
of innocent civilians killed in American-driven combat.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the
United States military has argued against the number of civilians
killed in a recent air strike, estimating that roughly 20 or 30
civilians were killed instead of the 140 calculated by the current
Afghan government. But harkening back to the United States role in
Iraq, the U.S. military refused to count the number of civilian deaths
with only independent human rights organizations able to give the true

Earlier this week, Admiral Mullen’s stated in the New York Times,
“We cannot succeed in Afghanistan or anywhere else, but let’s talk
specifically about Afghanistan, by killing Afghan civilians, we can’t
keep going through incidents like this and expect the strategy to work.”

Although military personnel in Afghanistan are speaking out
against civilian deaths, unlike the personnel in Iraq, killing innocent
Afghans is still officially listed as collateral damage — dead Afghans
are inhuman, unworthy of mention except as biproduct of war, just
rubbish. Whether the U.S. military is in action to stabilize a region
or defeat the opposition, the innocent, most likely women and children,
will see face the outcome and gain no reparations. The military
presence in Afghanistan will only create further tensions if they do
not change their approach towards the innocent and ending occupation.


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