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Two New Abortion Rights Cases Head To The Supreme Court Despite Government Shutdown

Two abortion rights issues will be heading to the Supreme Court soon and are sure to lead to much more debate between differing sides.

One of the cases, according to the New York Times, is McCullen v. Coakley, No. 12-1168, which is a “challenge to a Massachusetts law that restricted protests near reproductive health care facilities.” This case concerns the Massachusetts buffer zone law that prohibits protests within 35 feet of abortion clinics.

Many pro-choice advocates say that protestors should not be able to use intimidation tactics when women are entering clinics to have abortions, while pro-life activists say that it is their right to protest wherever they choose.

The other case is Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice, and this will decide whether states may limit the use of abortion drugs.

Many pro-life activists want abortion-inducing drugs to be made illegal, but this bill will decide whether or not a state can limit people’s use.

Both are hot topics for the issue of abortion, and will soon have their fates decided. In addition to the two abortion issues headed to the Supreme Court, other controversial issues will be decided upon, including ones regarding affirmative action, campaign finances and public prayer.

Despite the continued government shutdown that seems to have no end in sight, the Supreme Court has remained open and will deliver rulings on these issues soon.


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