Border Patrol Agent’s Day With His Family Takes An Unfortunate Turn


Police arrested two men Monday for allegedly shooting and killing a Border Patrol agent while he was spending time with his family off-duty.

Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr. was killed by the wound to his chest, while his father was also shot in the hip during the incident and is now in the hospital, according to the Valley Morning Star.

The shooting reportedly happened Sunday night, following an attempted robbery, said border patrol spokesman Omar Zamora, according to KRGV.

Authorities said they think the crime occurred near Santa Monica and the two individuals who killed Vega were Hispanic. According to Action 4 News, "the two men are from Matamoros in the U.S. illegally."

At the time, the family was fishing together with Vega’s wife and children in their favorite spot.

After seeing that Vega had a gun in his holster, the alleged robbers started shooting, said Zamora.

Natalie Gardere, Vega’s sister, posted on Facebook about the incident.

"I will never understand why we have such heartless people in this world! An amazing man was taking (sic) from his family way to soon! Please keep my family in y'all's prayers!” Gardere wrote.

Source: Valley Morning Star, KRGV, Image Credit:


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