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2 Kansas School Districts To Close Early Due To Funding Cuts

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Two school districts in Kansas announced this week that they would be ending the academic year early due to lack of funding.

Concordia Unified School District will end their school year on May 15 – six days earlier than usual – and Twin Valley Unified School district will close 12 days early on May 8.

The closing comes after Gov. Sam Brownback signed a school funding overhaul bill that resulted in schools losing $51 million that they expected to receive for the school year. In a press release, the Twin Valley school board said that the district was having trouble withstanding “the present mid-year, unplanned financial cuts recently signed into law.”

“The board’s made a difficult decision,” Superintendent Jan Neufeld said. “We have just a few fiscal reserves.”

Public services throughout the state have been forced to take “drastic measures,” as the Huffington Post described, in recent years due to significant tax cuts imposed by Brownback.

Sources: Huffington Post, Wichita Eagle

Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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