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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Wants to Run for NYC Mayor

As New York City’s mayor Bloomberg reaches the end of his run, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is dreaming of what it would be like to take his place, as he told CBS’s 60 Minutes that he wants to run for the job.

He was in one of the city’s subway stations, being interviewed by correspondent Lara Logan, when he made the declaration.

“What I love about New York is just the electricity I feel right away,” he said. “I mean just look at us in this station. There’s people walking everywhere. It’s chaos. It’s kind of like being in a car in the middle of a thunderstorm. Everything is raging around you but you’re safe inside that car.”

Dorsey, 36, has many similarities to current mayor Michael Bloomberg. They are both self-made billionaires and are involved in the world of information and media.

In November, New York will decide who replaces Bloomberg. It will be a difficult decision, as Bloomberg was the first mayor in the last 100 years to serve three consecutive terms after he convinced the City Council to approve a change in term limits.

So far, candidates looking to replace him are Manhattan Media Chief Executive Tom Allen, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and City Comptroller John Liu.

Dorsey has not officially been announced as a contender, but says he is serious about running.

He currently lives in San Francisco and is chief executive of Square, a mobile payments company he founded in 2009. He is also the executive chairman of Twitter.

He founded Twitter with Christopher Isaac Stone and Noah Glass in 2006, but was forced out of the company in 2008 after internal changes occurred at the top.

New management asked him to come back to the company in 2011 and Dorsey accepted.

Dorsey said he feels most comfortable communicating through text.

“Do I feel like I’m an expert in having a normal conversation face to face?” he said, “Absolutely not. That’s just not my natural state. I would rather be walking in Lands End and thinking about things and tweeting.”

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