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Twitter Explodes Over Obama's 'Lie' About Broccoli

President Barack Obama made a visit to the second annual Kids' State Dinner on Tuesday where he commented that broccoli was his favorite food. Little did he know, his comment would turn into a nationwide joke.

"Food can be fun, it can be healthy," he said. "You are setting up habits that are going to be great your entire life."

Then, when he was asked what his favorite food was, he replied, "broccoli."

Soon, Twitter exploded into a broccoli frenzy. It started trending on the site and everyone began making jokes about it.

"Obama tells kid journalist his favorite food is broccoli. And his favorite activity is lying to children," Comedy Central's Indecision blog tweeted.

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski said, "Our first broccoli president."

"What's Obama's favorite food?" Politico tweeted. "Hint: It is the same vegetable George H.W. Bush denounced over two decades ago."

"What kind of POTUS says his fav food is broccoli?" CNN's Ari Fleischer said. "Same one who in 2008 complained about the price of arugula at Whole Foods."

"Everyone CALM DOWN!" Washington Post's Ezra Klein wrote. "We have charts about broccoli."

Matt Separa said, "Baraccoli Obama v. Hillary Caulinton."

@LOLGOP wrote, "BREAKING: Venezuela offers asylum to America's broccoli."

While everyone got a laugh out of what seemed like a presidential lie, Obama might have been telling the truth. Earlier this year, Michelle Obama said that their family is a "broccoli household."

"It is the one vegetable that my children will eat without creating chaos and havoc," she said. "There's never quite clear harmony at the dinner table over the vegetables, but broccoli is a unifier in our household."

Sources: Yahoo,Telegraph


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