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Twilight Zone

When the Republicans gained power in 2001, the US had a huge federal surplus.  Within 8 years they had squandered that surplus and pushed us into the worst depression/recession in 75 years.  The only way to escape this mess was a huge influx of federal money: a stimulus to kick-start the economy.  Republicans lambasted thye Democratic stimulus plan while gladly accepting money for their districts.   Was everything done perfectly?  Not at all.  But many failures of the stimulus plan are the result of Republican obstructionism.

Now consider the oil spill.  Republicans rail against big government: “Business,” they claim, “can solve our problems; government cannot do anything right.”  Now they suddenly want big government to clean up the mess created by big business.  If you want a government big enough up to handle the capping of the well and the cleanup of the mess, we need a bigger government, not a smaller one.

This is what I have come to expect from far too many Republicans.  “Surely,” I thought, “their hypocrisy will be obvious to voters.”

Not so.  Polls show a major of the public thinks the Republicans are better suited to deal with the problems, problems they created!

 Is this the Twilight Zone?


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