Turkey: Land Forces Killed Nearly 200 ISIS Militants In Retaliation For Istanbul Bombing


Turkish land forces have reportedly killed nearly 200 ISIS fighters in a series of attacks on the terrorist group. 

The wave of attacks follows a deadly suicide bombing in Istanbul on Jan. 12 carried out by an ISIS operative, Reuters reports.

On Jan. 14, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said his country’s forces had targeted 500 ISIS positions along the Turkish border, according to The Independent.  Turkey reportedly used tanks and artillery to attack the ISIS’s positions. 

Turkey iterated its “determined stance” against ISIS as Davutoglu expressed his country’s willingness to launch airstrikes until the militant group leaves Turkey’s borders, Reuters notes.

“Close to 200 [ISIS] members including so-called regional leaders were neutralized in the last 48 hours," Davutoglu added, according to Reuters. "After this, every threat directed at Turkey will be punished in kind."

Turkey’s attack on ISIS was in retaliation against an ISIS-linked suicide bombing in the main tourist district of Istanbul on Jan. 12.  The attack claimed the lives of 10 civilians, all of whom were German tourists.

Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance and part of an international coalition against ISIS led by the United States.  Turkey’s recent military actions are in line with its previously stated goal of driving ISIS out of northern Syria.

Sources: The IndependentReuters via Business InsiderFox News / Photo Credit: The Independent

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