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Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson Proposes Ordinance to Ban Saggy Pants

Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson is in the headlines this morning after announcing his plan to ban saggy pants from Oklahoma city's streets.

"This is an issue all over Tulsa," said Henderson. "It's an embarrassment."

The proposed ordinance will ban people from wearing pants that sag low enough for the underwear to be exposed. Henderson maintains that it's a widespread issue in Tulsa and there is nothing wrong with ticketing people for wearing their pants too low.

"It's disrespectful for one thing, and it does not make for a good community to have all these kids running around with baggy pants and it sends the wrong message," said Henderson. "When you give somebody a $25 or $50 ticket for that, it won't take too many times for that to stop."

Henderson spoke about the issue in a meeting at City Hall and made clear that he was finally going to address it, even though it was, "probably going to get me unelected."

There are similar ordinances in other places across the country, including towns and cities in New Jersey, Louisiana, Florida and others. Now, Tulsa, Okla., will be likely be added to the list. Henderson says enough is enough.

"They just think that it's the cool thing to do — but it's not cool when your wife or your mother or your girlfriend has to look at somebody's dirty shorts," said Henderson. "I think that people deserve to be able to go anywhere without having to look at somebody's underwear."

The ordinance has not yet been passed, but Henderson has committed himself to making sure that it does.

"It is just a decent and proper thing to do," Henderson said.


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