TSA Installing 'Exit Portals' at Airports, Critics Say They're 'Detention Pods' (Video)

The TSA is funding new "exit portals" at selected airports, which some critics are calling "detention pods."

The exit portals detain passengers for a few seconds while a robotic voice gives instructions to wait until a green light flashes and another door opens.

The Syracuse Airport has installed the exit portals as part of a $60 million renovation project (video below).

Some of the passengers exiting the portals thought the machines were x-ray scanners or transport devices from "Star Trek."

“We need to be vigilant and maintain high security protocol at all times," Syracuse Airport Commissioner Christina Callahan told CNY Central. "These portals were designed and approved by TSA which is important."

The justification for installing the portals is to replace TSA security guards, who would normally stop people from trying to enter the airport via the exits, and to save money.

"The more cost-effective we can become, the more attractive [we are] when the airlines are looking at new markets or increasing service, " added Callahan.

But the conspiracy website Infowars.com is calling the exit portals "detention pods" and another failed idea by the TSA.

The exit portals were also installed at the Atlantic City International Airport back in May, notes News12.com.

As in Syracuse, the airport underwent a remodeling effort, which included installing the portals in exits. The door opens, a passenger steps in and the door closes behind the passenger. Seconds later, another door opens in front.

The Department of Homeland Security claims that replacing TSA agents with the exit portals in the Atlantic City International Airport will save $88 million a year.

Sources: News12.com, CNY Central, Infowars.com


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