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Trump's Immigration Speech Was A Success

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On Aug. 31, Donald Trump responded to the call of many Americans by delivering a speech outlining his exact stance on immigration. By evoking emotion and including specific details, Trump delivered a very successful speech.

The speech, delivered in Phoenix, followed an impromptu visit to Mexico.  According to ABC News, Trump spent his time in Mexico meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto.

“It was a thoughtful and substantive conversation,” Trump said in his Wednesday night speech. “And it will go on for a while. And in the end, we're all going to win. Both countries -- we're all going to win.”

The offer to continue discussions with the Mexican government contributed to the success of his speech.

Mike Pence told reporters, “his meeting really wasn't so much a negotiation ... as it was the beginning of a relationship,” according to CNN.

A tweet following the visit from President Nieto claimed that Mexico would not be paying for the wall that Trump plans to build on the Mexican-American border. 

In his speech, however, Trump spiritedly said, “Mexico will pay for the wall. Believe me. A hundred percent. They don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall.”

Trump described the wall as “beautiful,” according to ABC News. 

Even though disputes arose after his meeting with President Nieto, Trump’s speech addressed the disputes and demonstrated the promise of continued conversation.  The desire to work through negotiations will prove successful for the GOP candidate in the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Trump also included emotion in his speech. The LA Times reports that Trump often calls on “Angel Moms” at various campaigning events around the country. These women are the mothers of individuals who have been killed by illegal immigrants.

In Phoenix, Trump brought several Angel Moms on stage with him to share their stories. By giving up the spotlight, Trump allowed the need for increased border security to speak for itself.

Emotion is difficult to dispute, and the personal, tear-jerking stories clearly contributed to the effectiveness of Trump’s speech.

Ann Coulter compared the Republican nominee’s speech to one given by the famed Winston Churchill.

“I hear Churchill had a nice turn of phrase, but Trump's immigration speech is the most magnificent speech ever given,” she tweeted.

The theme of Trump’s speech was the need to protect the safety and the rights of American citizens.  It gave Americans a sense of security and answered many questions that arose in the week prior to his visit with President Nieto.

After telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he would be willing to “soften” his stance on immigration, voters began to wonder whether Trump’s very strict proposals would change just two months before the election. The Washington Post described the desire for clarification among liberals and conservatives in America. 

Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alabama, said, “Donald Trump is wrestling with that issue.”

Trump’s most recent speech proved that he has stopped wrestling, and his strict stance will not waiver in the coming months.

Trump also clarified details about what immigrants would need to do in order to gain legal citizenship in America. In the past, the presidential candidate has said that immigrants would need to pass a written examination. For the first time, however, Trump described the subjects of the test questions.

“Applicants will be asked for their views about honor killings; about respect for women and gays and minorities, attitudes on radical Islam,” Trump said, according to ABC News.

The specific details, emotional stories, and powerful words contributed to the value of one of Trump’s most successful speeches to date. Similar public appearances could contribute to an increase in voter support.

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