Did Polish First Lady Snub Trump's Handshake Attempt? (Video)

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An awkward moment caught on video (below) between President Donald Trump and the wife of Polish President Andrzej Duda has left many wondering whether the Commander-in-Chief was intentionally snubbed, or simply a victim of bad timing. 

The exchange, or lack thereof, occurred before Trump delivered a speech July 6 to a crowd in the Polish capital of Warsaw, notes the Associated Press.

In the footage released by The Washington Post, the president and first lady Melania Trump stand together before the crowd as Duda's wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, approaches them with an outstretched hand. Assuming the gesture is for him, Trump extends his in return, only for her to walk right by and greet Melania instead. Kornhauser-Duda then steps toward the president and takes his hand as if nothing happened.

Both couples do end up shaking hands with each other, so a number of YouTube users are calling the video title, "Polish first lady passes over Trump's handshake," "misleading" and "fake news."

"No, she didn't pass over anything," wrote one viewer. "FAKE NEWS … at it again. It was a matter of timing, she was already in motion to extend a handshake to the first lady, Trump misread/mistimed it. She immediately shook hands with Trump seconds after, though."

Another commenter, a self-admitted critic of the president, agreed that "the men were already shaking hands and the [two] first ladies then approached each other to do it also," adding that "It was just mis-timed by Trump."

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But others saw a completely different gesture.

"She not only passed right by Trump's teeny tiny little outstretched hand, but she was probably feeling deep disgust at the thought of even having to touch the hand of a misogynist and admitted sexual predator," wrote one YouTuber.

Another said that Kornhauser-Duda "did leave him hanging" and added that "the expression on his face was great!"

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"Shamed on the world stage!!!" one person wrote. "Love it!!! "

The same day, Trump had another interesting handshake-related experience in Hamburg, Germany, where he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel went out of their way to do so. Their first meeting, in March at the White House, turned heads when the pair did not share the gesture at all, reports CNN.

Sources: Associated Press via ABC News, CNN / Photo Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group/FlickrGage Skidmore/Flickr (2)

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