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Trump's July Fourth Tweet Sparks Controversy (Video)

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President Donald Trump kicked off Independence Day not with "The Star-Spangled Banner," but with a song of his own (video below).

The president tweeted a happy Fourth of July by posting a video showing an orchestra playing a "Make America Great Again" tune.

"Americans from ev’ry corner of this blessed land come together with one voice," the chorus sings in front of a giant American flag. "Help us take a stand following the vision to make her proud and grand and make America great again, make America great again."

The Dallas First Baptist Church premiered the song on July 1, which was written by Gary Moore, the church's former minister of music, ABC News reports.

But Trump's post featuring the "Make America Great Again" song has raised a few eyebrows.

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"So the dictator now has his own anthem," wrote one ABC News reader echoing the sentiments of many, some of whom compared the tune to one North Korea would make.

"This horrible song is similar to Soviet propaganda songs and both communist and nationalistic music," elaborated another. "Simplistic, boring and just stupid. The fact that a church wrote and performed it is nauseating."

Others found Trump's Fourth of July tweet narcissistic.

"Trump posted a video of a song celebrating him instead of America," tweeted comedian Alex Edelman.

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"Dear Donald, we already have a national anthem," quipped a fourth. "It's called 'The Star Spangled Banner'. I understand that YOU didn't choose it but you're not going to change it just to suit yourself."

Some also took issue with the lyrics.

"We didn't need to make America Great Again," wrote one. "At least not until Jan 20, 2017. Now we're in a desperate situation thanks to the fool we elected out of Fear and Hate."

Some were less bothered by the song's words and more uncomfortable with who was performing it.

"Patriotism can be a good thing (though blind unquestioning patriotism certainly is not)," commented another person. "But i don't think it belongs in the church. Guess what, America is not in the Bible, and as far as i know God has never declared America to be 'special' to him in any way or to have conferred any special responsibility or duty on it. I just don't go for the whole 'America is God's country' mentality."

"What a diverse collection of white Americans," added Edelman in another tweet.

Others just thought it was a bad song.

"Yeah, this is a lousy song," wrote an individual. "So... appropriate, but still bad."

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