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Trump's Big Secret on Obama: Divorce Papers Nearly Filed

Donald Trump, who has made it a personal crusade to oust the president from the Oval Office, has said he'll release bombshell news about Barack Obama on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, a "respected financial pundit" with links to Trump says the news is this: The American public will get a glimpse of divorce papers nearly filed by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Douglas Kass, a Florida investor who appears on CNBC's 'Squawkbox' television show, tweeted this to his followers today: "High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife."

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Author Jodi Kantor, who has written about the couple, has already claimed the two were close to divorce in 2000. That split, however, never happened.

If you remember, the president celebrated his 20th anniversary only a few weeks ago with a particularly weak showing at the first presidential debate in Denver.

Based on the story, "It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up."

While Trump has called his impending announcement "borderline gigantic," it seems to lack the explosive news that The Donald said would "possibly" change the presidential race.

Unless the papers claim infidelity on the part of one of the Obamas, it appears the revelation of these "divorce papers" -- even if they are accurate -- wouldn't produce any real impact on the 2012 Election.

Trump's credibility has also suffered over the past year. Despite concrete evidence, Trump still insists President Obama was not born in Hawaii.

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