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Racial Demographics Split On Trump Approval Rating

A poll released on March 13 indicates that President Donald Trump's approval rating varies sharply among different racial groups.

From Jan. 20 to March 8, Gallup conducted a poll of U.S. residents from all 50 states and D.C. The poll asked participants if they approve of the job that Trump has been doing as president.

The survey indicated that overall, an average of 42 percent of Americans approve of the Trump's performance as president. This number stands consistent with other surveys that have indicated that Trump's approval rating at this time is under 50 percent. A CNN/ORC poll released on March 6 indicated that Trump has garnered a 45 percent overall approval rating, and the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll released on March 13 indicated a 47 percent rating. 

The Gallup poll's numbers indicated that race is a major differentiator in determining Trump's job approval rating. Of those polled, 54 percent of non-Hispanic whites said they approved of Trump's performance in office. This stands in sharp contrast to other racial demographic groups. The approval ratings from Asians and Hispanics stood at 27 percent and 22 percent, respectively, while the approval rating from blacks surveyed was 13 percent.

In addition, four out of the five demographic groups with the highest Trump job approval ratings consisted of white individuals. White, male, college nongraduates stood at the top of these groups with a 67 percent approval rating. Males over 50 years old made up the only demographic in the top five without any racial characteristics; this group was the lowest of the top five with a 56 percent approval rating. 

In contrast, the five demographic groups with the lowest approval ratings consisted exclusively of nonwhite individuals. Of those groups, nonwhite individuals from 18 to 29 years old reported the highest approval rating at 17 percent. The demographic group with the lowest Trump approval rating was black individuals with the previously mentioned 13 percent.

Although race demographics were indeed a major factor in the Gallup poll, significant trends were found among other demographics as well -- specifically gender and education status. Forty-nine percent of men surveyed approved of Trump's performance, in contrast to only 36 percent of women. In addition, 37 percent of college graduates approved of Trump, while the nongraduate figure stood at 45 percent.

However, race ended up playing a notable role in these figures, as well. For example, while the opinions of nonwhite individuals remained more or less the same among nonwhite college graduates and nongraduates, the approval ratings of white individuals varied based on their education status. There was a 20 percent difference in approval rating between white college graduates and non graduates; the former group reported a 41 percent approval rating, while the latter gave a 60 percent approval rating. In contrast, nonwhite college graduates returned identical approval ratings of 20 percent.

The survey also took into account attitudinal subgroups. Of those groups, Republicans gave the highest approval rating at 88 percent, while Democrats returned the lowest rating at 10 percent. 

Sources: Gallup, CNN/ORC, Rasmussen / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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