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Trump's Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Rips Him

Jill Harth sued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 1990s for alleged sexual assaults that included: groping her under her dress, forcing her into a bedroom in an attempt to have sex, and repeatedly propositioning her.

The New York Times ran an article in May on Trump's alleged mistreatment of several women, which included some of Harth's allegations; she did not speak to the newspaper.

Harth said in a 1996 deposition: "Basically [Trump] name-dropped throughout that dinner, when he wasn’t groping me under the table. Let me just say, this was a very traumatic thing working for him," noted the newspaper.

Harth withdrew her sexual assault lawsuit only months after filing, and Trump settled a separate business disagreement with Harth and her then-boyfriend.

The newspaper noted that Trump said Harth pursued him, and that Trump's office produced emails in which she thanked Trump for his personal and professional help, and expressed support for his political campaign.

According to, Trump slammed the New York Times article on Twitter May 16: "The failing @nytimes is greatly embarrassed by the totally dishonest story they did on my relationship with women."

Harth tweeted some heated responses to Trump on June 23:

@realDonaldTrump @nytimes my part was true. I didn't talk. As usual you opened your big mouth.

@realDonaldTrump @nytimes I didn't lie. You did. stop having your daughter lie for you. You don't give a dam what damage this caused me.

@realDonaldTrump @nytimes they got how you were with me right. We were on friendly terms. Buried the hatchet, remember? Stop saying I lied.

Harth also took aim at Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who recently told CBS News that her father "was not a groper."

Harth tweeted: "@NorahODonnell @IvankaTrump @CBSThisMorning Bad enough I had to go through sexual harassment over 20 years ago and now it's all public."

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, told in February: "There is no truth to the story at all. The plaintiff in the matter, Jill Harth, would acknowledge the same. You will see the case was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice. There is no truth to it."

Harth said that she has "never" disavowed her allegations. reported on another sexual assault accusation against Trump on June 22: "Trump is accused of raping a 13-year old girl, at parties hosted by a friend and registered sex offender. He has been accused of sexual assault before — including by this same plaintiff — but it seems this alleged victim will let nothing stop her pursuit of justice."

Sources:,, The New York Times / Photo credit: Jill Harth/Twitter

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