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Trump Imagines 'Beautiful' Orlando Shootout (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shared his imagined "beautiful" scenario of how the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, should have gone during a speech on June 17 in The Woodlands, Texas (video below).

Trump wished that some people in the Pulse nightclub had been armed and engaged in a shootout with Omar Mateen, notes the Houston Chronicle:

If we had people where the bullets were going in the opposite direction right smack between the eyes of this maniac ...

If some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle, and this son of a b----- comes out and starts shooting, and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what?

That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight folks. That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight.

Trump made no mention of any civilians being caught in the gunfire in the dark and chaotic club in his imagined scenario.

Trump changed his statement in a tweet on June 20: "When I said that if, within the Orlando club, you had some people with guns, I was obviously talking about additional guards or employees."

However, Trump did not comment on the fact that there was an armed off-duty police officer outside the club who was investigating an underage drinker, went into the club, exchanged fire with the gunman, but had to call for back up.

This isn't the first time Trump suggested that armed citizens would have helped during the mass shooting. The presumptive Republican nominee made a similar statement on June 13 to CNN, only one day after the June 12 shooting, reported The Hill:

If you had guns on the other side, you wouldn't have had the tragedy that you had. If people in that room had guns, with the bullets flying in the opposite direction right at him, right at his head, you wouldn't have had the same tragedy that you ended up having. ...

But if you had guns in that room, even if you had a number of people having it strapped to waste ankle or strapped to their waste, where bullets could have flown in the other direction right at him, you wouldn't have had the same kind of a tragedy.

During these comments, Trump continually ignored the CNN host who noted that there was at least one officer in the nightclub with a gun during the incident.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Donald Trump/twitter, The Hill / Photo Credit: Right Side Broadcasting via YouTube

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