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Trump's Michigan Win Makes 306 Electoral College Votes

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The Michigan Secretary of State has posted the official presidential vote count showing that President-elect Donald Trump won the battleground state by nearly 11,000 ballots. This official win brings Trump's electoral college vote total to 306 -- former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton trails with 232.

"Many people have asked about Michigan’s process for counting ballots and certifying election results. Please be aware that all 1,521 Michigan cities and townships completed ballot counting and reported unofficial results by the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9," a statement on the Michigan Secretary of State website notes, reports the Detroit Free Press. "The county canvassing boards, as they do after every election, then began their work to review and certify the results from each precinct."

The official totals are 2,279,543 votes for Republican Donald Trump, and 2,268,839 for Democrat Hillary Clinton. This makes Trump the first Republican to win the state since 1988.

“Before that compiled count, Trump held a 13,107 lead over Clinton,” the Secretary of State’s statement says, reports the Independent Journal Review. “But after each county certified its results, the lead shrunk to 10,704, with the biggest chunk coming from Wayne County, which showed that Clinton had gotten 565 more votes than originally tallied by the county.”

According to The Guardian, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has succeeded in raising over $4.5 million to request recounts in three battleground states, including Michigan.

Stein referenced “compelling evidence of voting anomalies” and “significant discrepancies in vote totals” as reasons for her decision to demand a recount.

“These concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified,” she said in a statement. “We deserve elections we can trust.”

Heba Abedin, sister of top Clinton advisor Huma Abedin, posted to her Facebook page: “A shift of just 55,000 Trump votes to Hillary in PA, MI & WI is all that is needed to win.”

The Guardian adds that Stein may request the recount on Nov. 28. 

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Independent Journal Review, The Guardian / Photo credit: Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press

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