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Donald Trump Emphasizes His Religious Beliefs At Iowa Rally (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pledges that if elected, he will restore the phrase “Merry Christmas” in every U.S. store. While the presidential candidate has not unveiled how he would do this, his declaration was met with cheers among evangelical supporters (video below).

Trump touted his Christian beliefs at an Oct. 21 campaign rally in Burlington, Iowa, CNN reports.

“I will tell you I’m a good Christian,” Trump said. “I guarantee, if I become president, we’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas in every store… you can leave happy holidays at the corner.”

The business mogul's statement was met with enthusiastic applause from Iowa voters.

Trump added that it’s not a matter of excluding other religions.

“That’s not to knock anybody else, other religions can do what they want,” Trump said. “There’s room for everybody.”

One of the biggest anxieties among Christian conservatives around the country has been avoidance of religious undertones during Christmas festivities in the U.S.

Thus, Trump's bullish refusal to be politically correct resonated with many of the Iowa voters.

"He actually says what I want to hear and he's not worried about telling somebody or saying it in a way that doesn't sound real," Cynthia Forth, an Iowa voter, told CNN. "I want to hear (it) straight. He'll give it to you straight."

Trump has been emphasizing his Christian values on the Iowa campaign trail this past week. A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson having overtaken Trump in the pivotal state. Carson currently has 28 percent of Iowa voters while Trump is lagging behind at 19 percent, The New York Times reports.

The survey shows that only 32 percent of Iowa voters are convinced that Trump is a good Christian while 62 percent believe that Carson is a true believer. Trump has now taken to bringing a copy of the Bible to campaign events.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times / Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot


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