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Trump Voters: Millions Of 'Illegals' Voted In Election (Video)

A group of Trump supporters asserted on Dec. 1 that President Obama had instructed undocumented immigrants to vote in the election, that millions of "illegals" cast ballots and that California allowed unlawful voting (video below).

CNN host Alisyn Camerota first asked the Trump fans how they felt about the racist "alt-right" movement, white supremacy, Nazi salutes and the appointment of "alt-right" icon Steve Bannon to the Trump White House.

Trump supporter Paula Johnson slammed the media for reporting on them: "You know, I'll tell you something. That’s been around forever. You know, if you keep reporting on it, it’s going to grow like a cancer. If you forget about it then it’s probably going to go away. But the media has to harp on everything. And it’s wrong."

Camerota asked the panel about the anti-Trump protests, and the Trump fans insisted that the demonstrators didn't even know what they were protesting.

A Philadelphia mom, who protested in November, told WPIV (video below): "Donald Trump doesn't represent me or my community. I have two daughters, and it's really important that I set an example that I don't abide by misogyny or bigotry."

Several other protesters also gave their reasons for demonstrating.

In the CNN clip, Johnson said: "Voting is privilege in this country and you need to be legal, not like California where three million illegals voted."

Camerota asked her where she had seen that information, and Johnson said that the media, including CNN, had reported it. She insisted that undocumented immigrants had voted because President Obama told them they could; the entire panel confirmed their belief in that assertion. 

Camerota looked up the claim, and debunked it on the spot, pointing to a deceptively edited video on Fox Business that was reported on by Mediaite in November.

She then asked the group: "You think that millions of illegal people voted in this country, you believe that there was widespread voting abuse?"

"I think there was in some states, "Johnson insisted. "California allows it."

Camerota was visibly stunned by that false statement, and gently slapped her own head in disbelief.

Later in the interview, Camerota asked the group if they supported Trump's tweet about jailing people for burning the American flag, and most of them agreed that some sort of punishment should be levied, although it has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Sources: CNN via YouTube, WPVI via YouTube, / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

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