Trump Voters: Election Is Rigged If Trump Loses (Video)


Several supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told the TBS show "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" on Oct. 5 that the election is rigged if Trump loses, but not if he wins (video below).

Trump has repeatedly warned that the election may be rigged (and warned the GOP primary might be rigged). 

"Instead of seeing orderly poll watching, we might see a lot of individuals trying to take on the role of election officials or law enforcement, and crossing the line into intimidation, discrimination and polling place disruption," Wendy Weiser, director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Democracy Program, told Politico in September.

One male Trump supporter told Bee's correspondent Amy Hoggart: "Definitely, the election is rigged," but added, "He won't lose."

Hoggart asked the man why the election would be rigged -- if Trump is going to win, per his logic -- but he could not come up with an answer.

"Of course it's rigged," a second male Trump supporter told correspondent Allana Harkin. "Jesus Christ, who is he running against? Hillary Clinton. She's a liar."

Harkin asked him if Trump was going to win (the rigged election), and answered: "Of course, he's going to win by a landslide."

The correspondent then asked the man how the election could be rigged if Trump is going to win.

"Oh, it's not going to be rigged in his favor," he replied.

Harkin asked, "So it’s rigged if Hillary wins, but not rigged if Trump wins?"

The man answered, "Exactly."

Harkin countered: "Isn't that like saying any woman who didn't want to date you is a lesbian?"

"Exactly," the man confirmed.

A third male Trump voter was told by Hoggart that there have been 31 cases of voter fraud out of a billion votes since 2000, and he replied: "Is that right? That's what the media is saying then?"

Hoggart asked the man if he doesn't believe anything in the media, and he replied: "I think they've got their own agenda that they go with, yes."

The man was told by Hoggart that he could appear with her on TV, which meant they are part of the media, and he was asked if they (himself and Hoggart) could not be trusted and are lying.

"No, not necessarily," the man replied.

A fourth male Trump voter said the news media opposed Trump and favored Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because she "doesn't get hammered" on emails and Benghazi.

Harkin told the man that he seemed to know a lot, and he told her, "I watch the news."

A fifth male voter wanted to know why Clinton's fainting was not filmed by a news crew (instead of a bystander). Hoggart asked him if Clinton should have requested a "proper" news crew to film her fainting moments before she fainted.

"Yeah," the Trump supporter replied.

A female Trump voter said the elections were rigged, but when she was asked by Hoggart why the Democrats would rig the 2010 congressional elections to lose, the woman said she believed it was to throw people off.

The show then noted that Trump has called on his supporters to volunteer to watch polling places, and interviewed some of the volunteers on what they would look for.

Trump's website asks visitors to sign up to become a "volunteer Trump Election Observer" and help him "stop Crooked Hillary from rigging this election!"

One Trump poll watcher said she would watch to see if people changed their hats, while another said he would be there to support Trump and make sure people were not trying to sway voters; he admitted that he "might" try to sway voters.

"We either take out country back by a vote, or we take it back by another revolution, that's where we're at," a young man told a shocked Hoggart.

Sources: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube, Donald J Trump for President, POLITICO / Photo Credit: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube

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